We are committed to maintain safety and security standards. We maintain safety measures in an environment where it is acknowledged and rewarded. We believe that a company relies on the basis of safety and reliability that is why we always give first priority it.

                                          The main objectives of our safety strategies are only to prevent any life loss, damage to the environment and assets. At ABS Trucking every member of the team plays a very vital role in maintaining public as well as our own security standards. Which means we do something extra to maintain safety here we do replace equipments before it fails, we always try to solve the problem before it arises.

We check the details of the drivers before hiring them, their past history of the profession, their driving experience and we do verify his documentations until we feel safety with his eligibility criteria only to ensure that he is the right person of us.                            

Our Safety Strategy Include:
Incentive rewards and appreciation.
Video presentations for better safety measures.
Driver of the year awards to encourage the drivers.
Monthly meets for making any required changes.
Constant driver monitoring.


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